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M1B723331 Skills 2 Seminar Care Bundles Sskin (Facilitator)

John Marsh
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Glasgow Caledonian University

Fundamental Professional Skills for Nursing Practice (M1B723331)

Skills 2 Seminar Care Bundles Sskin (Facilitator)

Fundamental Professional Skills for Practice (M1B72331)
Skills 2 Seminar: Care Bundles SSKIN
Care Bundles (SSKIN)
Essential Skills Clusters:
 Organisation Aspects of Care
 Care, Compassion and Communication
Associated Module Learning Outcomes:
 Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of basic physiological principles which will
underpin professional skills for practice.
 Demonstrate how psychological and sociological knowledge can be applied to professional skills
for practice.
 Demonstrate an awareness of communication and interpersonal skills required to deliver
compassionate, person centred care.
 Relate theory to essential nursing care.
 Apply an evidence-based approach to safe and effective nursing practice.
 Understand the importance of engaging with Ongoing Achievement Record (OAR) to
demonstrate personal and professional development.
Session Learning Outcomes:
 Identify the risk factors for pressure ulcer development
 Use risk assessment tools to determine a patient/clients risk
 Use SSKIN care bundle to develop a patient/client specific care plan
 Apply local policies to plan safe, effective and patient centred care
Pre Session work:
Students will be directed to the 30 minute film on GCU Learn and to complete the first 5 units of
Learnpro module: NES Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers.
Part 1: Powerpoint presentation
The Powerpoint begins with asking the students to discuss what they have learned from the directed
study of the online narrated PP and by interacting with the Learnpro programme modules 1 -5.
Then it allows you to give the students a brief overview of the concept of a care bundle before giving
them the opportunity to see how this can be applied in practice.
Part 2: Applying SSKIN bundle in practice.
I have included scenarios from all fields of practice – feel free to use or develop your own. You can
print these off for students if you like.
Part 3: Action plan for placement



M1B723331 Skills 2 Seminar Care Bundles Sskin (Facilitator)

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