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Management (MIS 2000) Information Systems Midterm Exam

Sandra Watson
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University of Manitoba

Information Systems For Management (MIS 2000)

You have 2 hours (120 minutes) to complete this exam.
No calculators, laptops, cell phones, translators, dictionaries, or any other programmable
electronic devices are permitted. You should NOT have in your possession pencil cases or any
form of notes or other extraneous material either. If you are unsure whether any materials may be
prohibited, it is your responsibility to raise your hand and ask the invigilator at the beginning of
the exam. This is a closed-book exam; no textbook or notes are allowed.
If it is discovered that you have violated any of the above instructions, including possession of
any of the prohibited materials, you will receive zero marks on this exam, and you will be
charged with academic dishonesty and treated accordingly.
I have read and understood all of the instructions listed above. I have clarified with an invigilator
any instructions I do not fully understand. I do not have any electronic devices with me while
writing this exam.



Management (MIS 2000) Information Systems Midterm Exam

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