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Marketing Management (MGT310) Hobspot

John Marsh
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1. Do you agree with HubSpot that the “rules of marketing” have changed? If so, how? Is
inbound marketing the answer? Why or why not?

Hubspot is doing a great job in inbound marketing, which rises a fierce debating of
changing the “rules of marketing’. From my point of view, inbound marketing is growing
rapidly to match the nowadays market and fast developed social media. Inbound marketing,
an innovative marketing strategy, keeps delivering lower costs for customers than outbound
marketing does. Many years ago, marketers spread out messages through different channels
like advertisements or trade shows to get in touch with the prospects that may join the sales,
but things have changed. For one thing, technology changed. Customers are allowed to suffer
on the Internet to learn and gather whatever information they want to make the purchase
decision. They are more active than in the old days, since Internet is fast and easy to use. For
another, customer behavior changed. People are now good at searchers by using the
Facebook, blogs and websites. Being in the roles of searchers, they have capacities to sort
and filter thousands of marketing messages. Afterwards, they reject unwanted messages and
retain useful ones. Even if they don’t buy online, they will learn online before engaging in a
potential buying discussion. Moreover, business changed. Due to economic globalization,
many firms or individual businesses were born rely on Internet, such as a single seller on
eBay (online market platform). From business point of views, social network, like blogs and
Facebook, are growing so fast compare to traditional marketing strategies.
Inbound marketing uses interactive market tools to attract people and distribute
comprehensive contents easily found by prospective customers. Therefore, more and more
salespeople need to discover and develop their market through the web channel provided by
companies like Hubspot. HubSpot is one of the leading companies that provide customers
with Web 2.0 service. HubSpot focus mainly on inbound marketing and its core value is
established on inbound marketing which creates market niches for the firms and draws
followers. Compare the traditional marketing rules; inbound marketing strategy has many
competitive advantages and becomes a trend in today’s marketing environment.
2. Is HubSpot finding and serving the right set of customers? Given its position as a startup
company, should it widen its focus to serve any customer that comes its way? Or
should they narrow their target by focusing exclusively on either the Owner Ollies or
Marketer Marys? Or alternatively, by focusing exclusively on either B2B or B2C



Marketing Management (MGT310) Hobspot

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