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Mass Media And You (MMC 2604) Exam 1

Sandra Watson
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University of Florida

Mass Media And You (MMC 2604)

Critical-Cultural Approach to Media
● Engage and talk across difference – everything is fast-paced
● Identify Bias (multiple platforms) – the underlying message
● Understanding Fault lines – social interaction/experiences
● Communicate complexity – terminology?
● Interpret media messages and processes –
● Reconsider cultural assumptions – society has changed over time ( makeup, politics, etc.)
Media Messages
EXAMPLE: Meghan Markle… & her husband *quote* (AND HER HUSBAND) twitter post.
● Word choice usage in media messages
Context of Media Production
● The media has a role of communicating issues in an objective matter
● Communities are diverse and need to be considered in the larger picture
● Media’s role is to be engaging with voices that challenge
● Current media relies heavily on “experts”, “watchdog”, “gatekeepers”
● Example: Immigration
Media Ethics & Bias
● “Monster” charged with kidnapping missing girl
○ Assume the person is already guilty
○ Impact of how it can be viewed by society
● Audiences are misinformed
● Survey of registered voters to see if they know where Iran was located
● Only 28% of registered voters
● Not assume info
Context of Media Production
● Fault lines are social categories that shape lives, experiences, and social tensions
○ Examples: race, gender, ethnicity, etc.
● Objectivity is achieved when you look for the bigger, fuller picture of the story that
includes different viewpoints, look at the gradations of truth and challenge one-sided
comments with other voices or opinions.
● Proportionality is responsible for representing the story, issue, or audience based on
well-researched observations of the lay of the land.
EXAMPLE: Why do cartoon villains speak in foreign accents?
● Sends a dangerous message to kids about diversity
● Follows a code – EVEN their minions have accents that are associated with a low
economic status
EXAMPLE: Princess is rescued by a prince – gender bias
EXAMPLE: “ You” – sends a message to people that this is socially acceptable
● Rooting for a serial killer
● Encourages “copycat” killers ??
What Are The Issues Facing The Mass Communication Field?
● Bias, fake news, polarization, open-access (no barrier between public & public officials),
mistrust, citizen journalism.
● Advertising: propaganda, stereotypes, dissemination of information, clickbait is
becoming more important, malicious influence,
Australia Bushfires
● Since September 2019
● As of Jan. 06 2020, the fires have claimed 24 lives; an estimated half a billion native
animals have perished, and more than 1,700 homes have been razed
● Social media spreading misinformation and fake news



Mass Media And You (MMC 2604)  Exam 1

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