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Nursing & Healthcare Vii (NURS 480) Factors Of 480

Sandra Watson
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Factors Influencing PAIN Response

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Towson University


Nursing & Healthcare Vii: Adult Health And Complex Illness (NURS 480)

Several factors, including past experiences with pain, anxiety, culture, age,
gender, genetics, and expectations about pain relief, influence a person’s
experience of pain. These factors may increase or decrease perception of
pain, increase or decrease tolerance for pain, and affect responses to pain.
Past Experience
The way a person responds to pain is a result of many separate painful
events during a lifetime. The nurse understands that a patient’s pain history
may provide vital information on how a person has been able to either
positively cope and manage their pain as well as what has hindered their
physical and emotional well-being. This information will shape the patient’s
current expectation of pain and or pain management. If pain is relieved
promptly and adequately, the person may be less fearful of future pain and
better able to tolerate it.
Anxiety and Depression
Although it is commonly believed that anxiety increases pain, this is not
necessarily true (see Box 7-2 for common misconceptions about pain).
However, anxiety that is associated with pain may increase the patient’s
perception of pain.



Nursing & Healthcare Vii (NURS 480) Factors Of 480

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