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Maternal Child Health Nursing (NUR 2633) MCH Exam 1 Study Guide

John Marsh
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MCH Exam 1 Study Guide

Rasmussen College

Maternal Child Health Nursing (NUR 2633)

 Question 1
A nurse is caring for a client who is prescribed Rho immune globulin standard dose IM (Rhogam). The nurse
should understand the action of this medication as which of the following?\

Question 2
Fetal movement that is noted by the mother is a very important assessment factor to determine fetal well being.
If the nurse is to ask the client if she has “felt her baby move”, when is the best time for a primigravid client to
note the first fetal activity?

Question 3
The nurse is palpating the uterus of a client who is 20 weeks pregnant to measure fundal height. Identify where
the nurse will find the uterine fundus?

Question 4
A woman asks the nurse: “What protects my baby’s umbilical cord from being pinched while the baby’s
inside”. The nurse’s best response is?

Question 5
A 20 year -old client calls the clinic to report that she has found a lump in her breast. The nurse’s best response
to her is which of the following?



Maternal Child Health Nursing (NUR 2633) MCH Exam 1 Study Guide

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