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Maternal-Newborn (NUR 302) Chapter 24 Exam

John Marsh
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Tarleton State University

Maternal-Newborn Nursing (NUR 302)

Chapter 24 Exam

Chapter 24: The Childbearing Family with Special Needs
1. A pregnant client who abuses cocaine admits to exchanging sex for her drug habit. This
behavior puts her at a greater risk for:
a. postmature birth.
b. Sexually transmitted diseases.
c. Hypotension and vasodilation.
d. Depression of the central nervous system.

2. During which phase of the cycle of violence does the batterer become contrite and
a. Battering
b. Honeymoon
c. Tension-building
d. Increased drug taking

3. Which is a major barrier to health care for teen mothers?
a. Health care workers have a positive attitude.
b. The hospital or clinic is within walking distance of the girl’s home.
c. Seeing a different nurse and/or health care provider at every visit.
d. The institution is open days, evenings, and Saturday by special arrangement.

4. In planning sex education classes for the 12- to 15-year-old age group, more emphasis should
be placed on which?
a. How to set limits for sexual behavior
b. The inaccuracy of information from peers
c. The use of oral contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy
d. The use of condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy

5. Which should the nurse do when counseling a teenage client who has decided to relinquish
her baby for adoption?
a. Question her about her feelings regarding adoption.
b. Tell her she can always change her mind about adoption.
c. Affirm her decision while acknowledging her maturity in making it.
d. Ask her if anyone is coercing her into the decision to relinquish her baby.



Maternal-Newborn (NUR 302) Chapter 24 Exam

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