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Maternal & Newborn Nursing Lab (NURS 621) ATI Maternity

Sandra Watson
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ATI Maternity – Summary Maternal & Newborn Nursing Lab


University of New Hampshire


Maternal & Newborn Nursing Lab (NURS 621)

Intro, Chap 1, Chap 2
 Know that a pt must be refitted by the provider q2yrs for a diaphragm OR if they’ve gained
>15lb (7kg) OR if they’ve had a full term pregnancy/2nd term abortion
 When using a diaphragm, spermicide must be used for EACH act of coitus
 Diaphragm must remain in place 6h after coitus (intercourse)
 When using a hormonal method of contraception the S/E are chest pain, SOB, leg pain
(possible clot), HA, eye problem, stroke, HTN
 Hormonal contraception  blood clots!
 If pt is a smoker, do not use hormonal oral contraceptive!
 CONTRAINDICATION (oral pill): hx of blood clot/stroke/cardiac problem, breast/estrogen
related cancers, smoker
 Depo-Provera = injectable progestin
o Can cause bone mineral density/loss of calcium
o Make sure to have adequate Ca/vit D intake!
 IUD can risk of pelvic inflammatory disease/uterine perforation/ectopic pregnancy
o Monitor for change in string length (indicates IUD dislocation), foul-smelling
vaginal discharge, pain with intercourse, fever, chills
 Infertility = inability to conceive for at least 12mo
o Sperm analysis (cost-effective; check men first)
o Any test requiring dye in fallopian tube, make sure that the pt has no allergy to
Chap 3
 Signs of Pregnancy (KNOW PRESUMPTIVE/POSITIVE; everything else probable)
o Presumptive (signs can be explained other than pregnancy)
 Amenorrhea, fatigue, cant sleep well, N/V, urinary frequency, breast
changes, quickening
o Probable
 Abdominal enlargement, Hegar sign (softening/compressibility of uterus),
Chadwick’s (bluish color of cervix), Goddell’s (softening of cervical tip),
Bolutment (rebound of unengaged fetus), Braxton Hicks, + pregnancy test
(HcG), fetal outline felt by examiner
o Positive (no doubt; can feel/hear baby)
 Fetal HR, US, can feel movement in uterus
 Nagel’s Rule
o Estimates due date based on LMP
o EDD = LMP + 9mo + 1wk
o G = gravidity (# of times pregnant; incl. current pregnancy)
o T = term (# of term births; >38wks)
o P = pre-term (# of preterm births; <38wks)
o A = abortion/miscarriage
o L = living children



Maternal & Newborn Nursing Lab (NURS 621) ATI Maternity

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