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Maternal Newborn Nursing (NR 465) Newborn Prep Guide

John Marsh
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Regis University

Maternal Newborn Nursing (NR 465)

Newborn prep guide

1. You are assigned to Baby Finnley who was just admitted to the newborn nursery. You begin your care
by assessing the infant’s general characteristics. Please fill out the chart below to guide your assessment
of the neonate.

2. What are the significant physiologic dangers when a baby becomes too cold? Include the effects of
cold stress in your answer.

3. Opthalmic antibiotic ointment is also given during the transition period. Which neonatal condition are
you trying to prevent by administering ophthalmic antibiotics?

4. What heart sounds do you expect to hear in Baby Finnley?

5. Next, you observe the general characteristics of Baby Finnley’s skin. Describe the following terms and
the significance of each:

6. The following skin alterations may also be seen. Briefly state the physiological

7. Baby Alice was delivered vaginally eight hours ago and you are assigned to care for her today. While
assessing Baby Alice’s head, you note an overriding of the sutures and some molding. Why do these

8. What assessment should be made in relation to Baby Alice’s anterior and posterior fontanelles?

9. For each of the following, describe and state why they occur and when these conditions are expected to

10. When assessing Baby Alice’s ears:

11. You will be assessing the infant for cleft lip, cleft palate, and thrush.

12. The infant’s umbilical cord will slowly dry, darken, and fall off. What is the evidence-based perspective
on cord care?

13. There is symmetry of size and movement of an infant’s extremities. What assessment findings might
indicate each of the following

14. While observing the male infant’s genitalia, you will be looking for the following. Define each.

15. The full term newborn has all of the reflexes listed. For each reflex

16. At 24 hours of age, Baby Alice is noted to be “jittery”and “feels cold to the touch”. The nurse notes that
she has not breastfed well for 6 hours and is not being sup

17. How do you preform a gavage feeding? What may be an indication for a gavage feeding?




Maternal Newborn Nursing (NR 465) Newborn Prep Guide 2018 Students

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