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Maternal-Newborn Nursing (NUR 302) Chapter 11 Test Bank

John Marsh
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Tarleton State University

Maternal-Newborn Nursing (NUR 302)

Chapter 11 Test Bank

Chapter 11: Perinatal Education
1. The birth educator is discussing the advantages and disadvantages of birthing options. Which
disadvantage is common with epidural anesthesia?
a. Effective pushing is optimized.
b. The risk of catheterization is decreased.
c. The length of labor and birth may be decreased.
d. The use of forceps and oxytocin administration is increased.

2. What is covered by early pregnancy classes offered in the first and second trimesters?
a. Methods of pain relief
b. The phases and stages of labor
c. Coping with common discomforts of pregnancy
d. Prebirth and postbirth care of a client having a cesarean birth

3. Which client is most likely to experience pain during labor?
a. Gravida 1 whose fetus is in a breech presentation
b. Gravida 3 who is using Lamaze breathing techniques
c. Gravida 2 who is anxious because her last labor was difficult
d. Gravida 2 who has not attended childbirth preparation classes

4. When reading a new client’s birth plan, the nurse notices that the client will be bringing a
doula to the hospital during labor. What does the nurse think that this means?
a. The client will have her grandmother as a support person.
b. The client will bring a paid, trained labor support person with her during labor.
c. The client will have a special video she will play during labor to assist with
d. The client will have a bag that contains all the approved equipment that may help
with the labor process.

5. Which is the method of childbirth that helps prevent the fear-tension-pain cycle by using slow
abdominal breathing in early labor and rapid chest breathing in advanced labor?
a. Bradley
b. Lamaze
c. Leboyer
d. Dick-Read



Maternal-Newborn Nursing (NUR 302) Chapter 11 Test Bank

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