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Maternal-Newborn Nursing (NUR 302) Chapter 13 During Labor And Birth

John Marsh
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Chapter 13: Nursing Care During Labor And Birth Answer Sheet For Test

Tarleton State University

Maternal-Newborn Nursing (NUR 302)

Chapter 13: Nursing Care During Labor and Birth
1. The nurse is preparing to perform Leopold’s maneuvers. Why are Leopold’s maneuvers used
by practitioners?
a. To determine the status of the membranes
b. To determine cervical dilation and effacement
c. To determine the best location to assess the fetal heart rate
d. To determine whether the fetus is in the posterior position

2. Which comfort measure should a nurse use to assist a laboring woman to relax?
a. Recommend frequent position changes.
b. Palpate her filling bladder every 15 minutes.
c. Offer warm wet cloths to use on the client’s face and neck.
d. Keep the room lights lit so the client and her coach can see everything.

3. Which assessment finding could indicate hemorrhage in the postpartum patient?
a. Elevated pulse rate
b. Elevated blood pressure
c. Firm fundus at the midline
d. Saturation of two perineal pads in 4 hours

4. Which is an essential part of nursing care for a laboring client?
a. Helping the woman manage the pain
b. Eliminating the pain associated with labor
c. Feeling comfortable with the predictable nature of intrapartal care
d. Sharing personal experiences regarding labor and birth to decrease her anxiety

5. A client at 40 weeks’ gestation should be instructed to go to a hospital or birth center for
evaluation when she experiences:
a. fetal movement.
b. irregular contractions for 1 hour.
c. a trickle of fluid from the vagina.
d. thick pink or dark red vaginal mucus.



Maternal-Newborn Nursing (NUR 302) Chapter 13 During Labor And Birth

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