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Maternal Newborn Scenarios Swift River West Coast University

John Marsh
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Maternity Swift River OB – West Coast University

Clara Guidry Room 301 Scenario

Clara Guidry, Mrs. Clara Guidry is a 34 y/o G5P4 who gave birth to a 9lb. 3 oz male infant following a 12-
hour elective oxytocin induction of labor.

Cindy Mason Room 302 Scenario

Cindy Mason, 28 y/o G2P1 at 40 weeks gestation. She and her husband present to OB Triage with
complaint of early labor.

Maria Sanchez Room 303 Scenario

Maria Sanchez, 20-year-old female, G1 T1 P1 A0 L1, 39 weeks gestation. Pregnancy uncomplicated. O+,
Rubella immune, GBS negative. NKDA. 12-hour 1st stage, 1 hour 2nd stage, 10 minute 3rd stage.
Spontaneous vaginal delivery with………..

Jenny Theriot Room 302 Scenario

Jenny Theriot, 30 y/o G1P0 at 31 weeks’ gestation. She has had an uncomplicated pregnancy until this
morning when she woke up with clear fluid leaking from her vagina. She denies having contractions but
says she isn’t really sure what………….

Kesha Jackson Room 302 Scenario

Kesha Jackson, Kesha Jackson is a G1P0, gestational age of 33.1. She came in complaining of contractions
for 2 hours that are now every 5 mins. She is unsure about rupture of membranes, denying vaginal
bleeding and recent intercourse. She states the baby is active…….

Stephanie Gold Room 304 Scenario

Stephanie Gold, 19-year-old Caucasian female, G1 T0 P0 A0 L0, 32 weeks gestation. Uncomplicated pregnancy except for anemia treated with PO iron. States 3 times in last week has called on-call obstetrician about fatigue, body
aches, mild nausea during the evening. The client reports, “I don’t feel well, I haven’t vomited, but nausea makes me not want to eat too much.

Miranda Johnson Room 305 Scenario

Miranda Johnson, 32 y/o G3P2 at 39 weeks gestation. It has been 10 years since her last pregnancy. She
was admitted to Labor & Delivery late last night in active labor. Upon admission, sterile vaginal exam
(SVE) was 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced and -1 station (2/80/-1). She had small amount of bloody discharge,

Renee Workman Room 306 Scenario

Renee Workman, Renee Workman, 35-year-old African American female, G2 T0 P0 A1 L0, 36 weeks gestation, history of In Vitro Fertilization with one failed implantation. Otherwise uncomplicated pregnancy. Reported
decreased fetal movement today.

Jessica Wu Room 304 Scenario

Jessica Wu, 35-year-old Asian female, G3 T2 P2 A0 L2, 35 weeks gestation. NKDA. Previous pregnancies
uncomplicated but Cesarean births d/t persistent breech position. Smoker x 15 years but states she “cut
back to 3 cigarettes/day during her pregnancies.

Ms. Susie Smith Room 305 Scenario

Ms. Susie Smith, 33 y/o G2P0 at 42 weeks’ gestation. She is single with a limited support system. She has
just completed a Non-Stress Test (NST) which was interpreted as being Non-Reactive. Her obstetrician has
now ordered an Oxytocin-Stimulated Contraction Stress Test (CST).

Jenny Smith Room 306 Scenario

Jenny Smith, 23-year-old, G2P1, estimated gestation age of 10 weeks with complaints of vaginal bleeding
and abdominal cramping. No medical hx, allergic to sulfa drugs. Lab results showed a decreased serum
HCG from previous result.

Renee Wilson Scenario

26 y/o G1P0 admitted four hours ago to the Birthing Center. She has had an uncomplicated pregnancy, but her obstetrician has expressed the concern about needing a c-section because of the anticipation of a large baby. Her
last ultrasound estimated fetal weight at 9 lbs. 6 oz. She and her husband have attended Lamaze Prepared Childbirth Classes and their Birth Plan includes the desire to have an unmedicated labor and vaginal birth. She also desires skin to skin contact with her baby at birth and breastfeeding.

Carly Madison Room 302 Scenario

Carly Madison, 30 y/o G1P0 who was admitted 4 hours ago in labor. Her cervical exam on admit revealed: 4 cm, 70%, fetal vertex at -1, slight bloody show, leaking membranes. She doesn’t remember when the leaking began.
Contractions on admit were q 5 minutes x 45 seconds. Mrs. Madison reported a pain level at 4/10. She and her husband have been to a Lamaze Prepared Childbirth series and their Birth Plan includes the desire for a non-medicated labor and birth. She and her husband have been doing Slow-Chest breathing and conscious relaxation techniques since admission.

Sarah Lane Room 305 Scenario

Sarah Lane, Mrs. Sarah Lane is a 25 y/o G2P0 who is at 42 weeks gestation. Estimated fetal weight is 4000 Gm. She presents to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic today for a Non-Stress Test (NST). Her first pregnancy ended
in a miscarriage at 10 weeks gestation. Her husband has accompanied her to every prenatal visit; they both appear anxious regarding the test and the health of their baby.

Aminiah Hussain Room 303 Scenario

Aminiah Hussain, 22-year-old Muslim female, G1 T0 P0 A0 L0, 39 5/7 weeks gestation. NKDA. Pregnancy uncomplicated. Woke up early morning feeling wet; wasn’t sure if leaking urine or membranes ruptured. Has continued to stay wet and needed to wear a pad for the last 4 hours. No contractions or vaginal bleeding. Her husband, Mohammad, is with her. He is attending his first year of medical school at the University and both are in the United States on VISAs.


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