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Mechanical Design (ME 3614) Shigleys Mechanical Engineering Design

Sandra Watson
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Shigleys mechanical engineering design 10th edition


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Richard G. Budynas is Professor Emeritus of the Kate Gleason College of Engineering
at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has more than 50 years experience in teaching
and practicing mechanical engineering design. He is the author of a McGraw-Hill
textbook, Advanced Strength and Applied Stress Analysis, Second Edition; and coauthor
of a McGraw-Hill reference book, Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, Eighth
Edition. He was awarded the BME of Union College, MSME of the University of
Rochester, and the PhD of the University of Massachusetts. He is a licensed Professional
Engineer in the state of New York.
J. Keith Nisbett is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Mechanical
Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. He has more than
30 years of experience with using and teaching from this classic textbook. As demonstrated
by a steady stream of teaching awards, including the Governor’s Award for
Teaching Excellence, he is devoted to finding ways of communicating concepts to the
students. He was awarded the BS, MS, and PhD of the University of Texas at Arlington.

Brief Contents
Preface xv
Part 1 Basics 2
1 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design 3
2 Materials 41
3 Load and Stress Analysis 85
4 Deflection and Stiffness 161
Part 2 Failure Prevention 226
5 Failures Resulting from Static Loading 227
6 Fatigue Failure Resulting from Variable Loading 273
Part 3 Design of Mechanical Elements 350
7 Shafts and Shaft Components 351
8 Screws, Fasteners, and the Design
of Nonpermanent Joints 401
9 Welding, Bonding, and the Design
of Permanent Joints 467
10 Mechanical Springs 509
11 Rolling-Contact Bearings 561
12 Lubrication and Journal Bearings 609
13 Gears—General 665
14 Spur and Helical Gears 725
15 Bevel and Worm Gears 777
16 Clutches, Brakes, Couplings, and Flywheels 817
17 Flexible Mechanical Elements 871
18 Power Transmission Case Study 925
Brief Contents ix
Part 4 Special Topics 944
19 Finite-Element Analysis 945
20 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 969
A Useful Tables 1011
B Answers to Selected Problems 1067



Mechanical Design (ME 3614) Shigleys mechanical engineering design

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