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ATI Mental Health Proctored 2021

John Marsh
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ATI Mental Health Proctored 2021 Chamberlain University

A nurse is planning a peer group discussion about the DSM-5. Which of the following information is appropriate to include in the discussion? (Select all that apply)A. The DSM-5 includes client education handouts for mental health disorders.B. The DSM-5 establishes diagnostic criteria for individual mental health disorders.C. The DSM-5 indicates recommended pharmacological treatment for mental health disorders.D. The DSM-5 assists nurses in planning care for client’s who have mental health disorders.E.

The DSM-5 indicates expected assessment findings of mental health disorders.A nurse in an emergency mental health facility is caring for a group of clients. The nurseshould identify that which of the following clients requires a temporary emergency admission?A. A client who has schizophrenia with delusions of grandeurB. A client who has manifestations of depression and attempted suicide a year ago

C. A client who has borderline personality disorder and assaulted a homeless man with a metal rodD. A client who has bipolar disorder and paces quickly around the room while talking to himselfdifficult to comprehend. I feel shaky and nervous.” The nurse should identify that the client is experiencing which of the following levels of anxiety?A. MildB. ModerateC. SevereD. PanicA nurse is caring for a client who is experiencing moderate anxiety. Which of the following actions should the nurse take when trying to give necessary information to the client? (Select all that apply.)A. Reassure the client that everything will be okay.B. Discuss prior use of coping mechanisms with the client.C.

Ignore the client’s anxiety so that she will not be embarrassed.D. Demonstrate a calm manner while using simple and clear directions.E. Gather information from the client using closed-ended questions.A nurse is talking with a client who is at risk for suicide following the death of his spouse.Which of the following statements should the nurse make?A. “I feel very sorry for the loneliness you must be experiencing.”B. “Suicide is not the appropriate way to cope with loss.”C. “Losing someone close to you must be very upsetting.

“D. “I know how difficult it is to lose a loved one.”A charge nurse is discussing the characteristics of a nurse-client relationship with a newly licensed nurse. Which of the following characteristics should the nurse include in the discussion? (Select all that apply)A. The needs of both participants are met.B. An emotional commitment exists between the participants.C. It is goal-directed.D. Behavioral change is encouraged.E. A termination date is established


ATI Mental Health Proctored 2021

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