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Medical Surgical (NUR201) Surgical And Medical Asepsis

Sandra Watson
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medical surgical (nur201)

Surgical and Medical Asepsis
The Importance of Medical Asepsis prevents the transferring of microorganisms from
patient to patient by sterile technique. Surgical asepsis sterile technique for operating rooms.
There are three levels of asepsis sterilizing disinfecting and cleaning hand cleansing is
required prior to any contact with a patient. By doing so prevents the spread of infection. Our
hands can act as a mode of transmission in the chain of infection by carrying pathogens from one
patient to another. Medical Asepsis is referred to as the clean technique which is the delivery of
safe sanitary healthcare. One transmission possible if not sterile is patient equipment and devices
environmental controls can limit transmission by keeping all doors secure during an operation.
Limiting traffic from entering and exiting the operating room during procedures and allowing
sterile to sterile contact. Non sterile contact not permissible there are various sterile techniques to
utilize during patient care to prevent transmission. Healthcare workers have access to use sterile
gloves, sterile gowns, masks, drapes, and sterile techniques. By disinfecting a patient’s skin using
antiseptic wipes sterilizing equipment and instruments before a procedure and keeping sterilized
instruments inside plastic wrappers also assist in the preventing contamination before use.
While aseptic technique requires proper training and the use of specialist equipment,
clean technique is much easier to achieve at home. Clean technique involves thoroughly washing
the hands, wearing gloves, and maintaining a clean environment. Aseptic technique is a standard
set of healthcare practices that aim to eliminate the transfer of germs. The proper use of aseptic
technique should prevent contamination and transfer of microorganisms. which are a significant
healthcare concern that can lead to consequences for both patients and healthcare facility.


Medical Surgical (NUR201) Surgical And Medical Asepsis

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