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Medical Surgical Nursing I (NRSG 102) ATI Morphine

John Marsh
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Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Medical Surgical Nursing I (NRSG 102)

-Measure baseline vital signs before administration and
monitor throughout therapy.
-Administer orally, IM, IV, SC, rectally, or epidurally.
-Make sure patients swallow sustained-release forms
whole and do not crush or chew them.
-Administer IV opioids by diluting as recommended and
administering slowly over 4 to 5 min; have naloxone and
resuscitation equipment available.
-Monitor PCA (patient-controlled analgesic pump) use and
pump settings carefully.
-Administer to patients with cancer on a fixed,
around-the-clock dosing schedule, not PRN. (ATI, p.



Medical Surgical Nursing I (NRSG 102) ATI Morphine

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