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Medical-Surgical Nursing (NUR1211) ATI Medsurg Practice

John Marsh
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Miami Dade College

Medical-Surgical Nursing (NUR1211)

ATI Medsurg Practice – mental health nursing

1. A patient informs the nurse that they are taking an OTC garlic supplement. What possible effect does garlic have
on the body?2. A patient has a complete spinal cord injury at the third cervical vertebra. At what level would you expect the
patient to respond to light sensation?3. After placement of a permanent pacemaker what which would you report as a complication of placement?
4. How to take off a condom
5. Ph of 7.30 paCO2 49 others WNL– what are they in?
6. Left sided weakness while using a cane – what is indicative of needing further teaching?
7. What causes intrarenal failure?
8. Signs of Peripheral vascular complication?
9. A patient returns to the clinic 72 hours after receiving a subcutaneous dose of purified protein derivative (PPD)
to test for tuberculosis exposure. The nurse inspects the injection site on the patient’s forearm and finds an
induration measuring 12 mm. The nurse informs the client that
10. What to do after a hemolytic reaction to a blood transfusion?
11. How do you insert a PIC
PICC- Flat on back (Review Pg. 303)
Subclavian IV catheter- Trendelenburg position (head below feet)
12. You are removing a peripheral inserted central catheter, which of the following would you do following
removal? Answer:



Medical-Surgical Nursing (NUR1211) ATI Medsurg Practice

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