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Medical-Surgical Nursing (NUR1211) ATI TEST

John Marsh
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ATI TEST – mental health nursing

Miami Dade College

Medical-Surgical Nursing (NUR1211)

Neuro CH 11,13,14,15,16,17,19,20,21 Pharm for Nurses Book and ATI CH 7-16
CH 11 Pharm for Nurses Book
1. Following a surgical procedure, the client states that he does not want to take narcotic
analgesics for pain because he is afraid he will become addicted to the drug. What is the best
response by the nurse to the client’s concerns?
a. 1. Dependence on narcotics is common among postoperative clients but can be
managed successfully.
b. 2. Addiction to prescription drugs is rare when used as prescribed and according to
medical protocol such as for pain control.
c. 3. Female patients are more likely to become addicted.
d. 4. Addiction is rare if the patient has a high pain threshold.

2. The client states that she has been increasing the amount and frequency of the antianxiety drug
she is using because “it just isn’t working like it did before.” What effect does this indicate?
a. 1. Immunity
b. 2. Resistance
c. 3. Tolerance
d. 4. Addiction

3. A 17-year-old confides to the nurse that he smokes marijuana but that “it isn’t as bad as tobacco
cigarettes; it’s not addicting like nicotine!” Which statement would be an appropriate response
by the nurse?
a. 1. While marijuana may not be addicting in the same way that nicotine is, it damages
lung tissue and may cause breathing problems and cancer.
b. 2. Marijuana is not approved for any use except under highly regulated conditions.
c. 3. Marijuana is four times as addicting as nicotine.
d. 4. The effects of marijuana are much more prolonged than nicotine because it stays in
the body longer.

4. The client with a history of alcohol abuse is admitted to the hospital. The nursing care plan
includes assessment for symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. What symptoms will the nurse
observe for? (Select all that apply.)
a. 1. Confusion
b. 2. Violent yawning
c. 3. Tremors
d. 4. Constricted pupils
e. Hallucinations

5. The client states that she is going to quit smoking “cold turkey.” The nurse teaches the client to
expect which of the following symptoms during withdrawal from nicotine? (Select all that
a. 1. Headaches and insomnia
b. 2. Increased appetite
c. 3. Tremors
d. 4. Insomnia
e. 5. Increased heart rate and blood pressure



Medical-Surgical Nursing (NUR1211) ATI TEST

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