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Medical Terminology (HSC4537) Medical Terms 1-All vocab

John Marsh
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University of South Florida

Medical Terminology (HSC4537)

the diagnostic term for the abnormal growing together of two surfaces normally separated is:

The upper chambers of the heart are called the: atria
The lower chambers of the heart are called the: ventricles
The valve located between the left atrium and ventricle is the: bicuspid
the Pace-Maker is found in the right atria and is also called the: S-A Node
The blood vessel that carries blood containing oxygen and nutrients
away from the heart to the body tissues (except the lungs) is the
The combining forms angi/o- and vaso- all mean: vessel
the combining forms that mean “vein” are ven/o- and phleb/o-
The combining forms that mean “chest” are: steth/o-, pectero-, and thoroco
The combining forms that mean “sound” are: ech/o- and sono-
The suffix -graph in the term cardio/graph means: instrument used to record
The diagnosis of Angina Pectoris literally means __________. The
actual meaning is lack of blood flow to the large heart vessels in the
vessel : chest
The term that means separation or removal is: apheresis
The diagnostic term that means abnormal state of a slow heart rate is: bradycardia
The diagnostic term Aortic Stenosis means: narrowing of the aorta
The diagnostic term Coronary Isch/emia actually means: deficient supply of blood to the crowning blood vessels
of the heart
the diagnostic term that means hardening of the arteries is: arterio/scler/o/sis
The literal meaning of the diagnostic term Cardio/myo/path/y is: heart/muscle/disease/condition
The inability of the heart to pump enough blood through the body to
supply the tissues and organs is called:
congestive heart failure
The diagnostic term Ar/rhythmia means:



Medical Terminology (HSC4537) Medical Terms 1-All vocab

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