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Mental Health Nurs (NURS 2924) IPR+Template Bv

Sandra Watson
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IPR+Template bv – therapeutic and non therapeutic communication-process recording nursing

Georgia Perimeter College

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurs (NURS 2924)

GSU/PC Nursing
NUR 2924 Psychiatric Mental Health Concepts of Nursing
Interpersonal Process Recording (IPR)
Your Name: Tatiana Leuck
Directions: Spend at least 15 minutes engaging in conversation with a peer, child, friend or family member while utilizing therapeutic techniques of communication.
Do not take notes during the exchange. Afterwards, recall the conversation as best as you can and complete the IPR of the conversation with at least 10 interactions
and bring to your first day of clinical.
Background Information: Provide a brief description of what the conversation is about. Describe where the conversation is taking place. Begin typing here:
My fiance quit his previous job and is currently looking for another and is upset about it. This conversation was in the middle of the night while I was in bed.
Beforehand, I heard banging in the living room: he was working on fixing the cat tree we had. He comes into the bedroom and turns on the lights.



Mental Health Nurs (NURS 2924) IPR+Template Bv

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