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Mental Health Nursing Care (NURS 340) ATI Notes

John Marsh
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Wichita State University

Mental Health Nursing Care (NURS 340)

Mental health ATI Notes

CHAPTER 1: Basic Mental Health Nursing Concepts
 Spirituality client’s interval values, sense of morality, and how he views the purpose of life
 Stuporous Requires vigorous or painful stimuli to elicit a brief response
 Decorticate rigidity flexion and internal rotation of upper extremity joints and legs
 Decerebate rigidity neck and elbow extension, wrist and finger flexion
 Mood: how person is feeling
 Affect: lack of facial expression (flat)
 Glasgow coma scale: obtain a baseline assessment of a client’s level of consciousness
 DSM-5 identify mental health diagnosis
 Milieu therapy orienting the client to the physical setting, identifying rules and boundaries,
ensuring safe environment
CHAPTER 2: Legal and Ethical Issues
 Beneficence the quality of doing good
 Fidelity loyalty and faithfulness to the client and to one’s duty
 Restraint and seclusion time limits 18+ 4 hours; 9-17yrs 2 hours; 8yrs and below is 1 hour
 Complete documentation every 15-30 minutes when patient is in restraint or seclusion and
make sure it includes reason they are in it, medication given, clients behavior



Mental Health Nursing Care (NURS 340) ATI Notes

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