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Mental Health Nursing (NUR 2534) Quiz 1 Winter 2018

John Marsh
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Oklahoma City Community College

Mental Health Nursing (NUR 2534)

Quiz 1 Winter 2018, answers

1. An average-sized client who describes a loss in body image related to viewing him or herself
as “too fat” may be experiencing what type of loss?
In counseling parents who have recently lost a child to death, it is important for the nurse to
have already dealt with personal feelings about death, grief, and loss in children. This selfawareness
Assist the nurse in helping the parents to express their grief fully.
Prevent the nurse from being personally affected by the loss.
Prevent the nurse from sharing any personal feelings with the parents.
Assist the nurse in avoiding discussion of unpleasant feelings with the parents.
A young woman who comes to a routine medical visit appears depressed and tells the nurse
she is having difficulty dealing with the death of her infant son. The nurse learns the infant
died 30 months ago in a automobile accident. The initial nursing diagnosis is Dysfunctional
grieving. The statement by the client that supports this diagnosis would be:
“I do not let my children play in playgrounds because it makes me angry that my son will
never be able to play like other children.”
“I haven’t been able to remove any items from my baby’s room.”
“I watch other toddlers in the neighborhood play, and I can’t help but cry and wish my
son was still alive.”
“I think of my son and am sad that my new baby will never be able to know his brother.”
A middle aged client has not eaten for 3 days, appears disheveled, continuously experiences
uncontrolled crying spells, and refuses to leave her bedroom. She has been unable to return
to work since her husband’s funeral 4 months ago. Which of the following nursing diagnoses
is most appropriate at this time?
Grieving related to recent loss of spouse and inability to leave bedroom
Anticipatory grieving related to failure to return to work
Anxiety related to refusal to eat and uncontrollable crying spells
Dsyfunctional grieving related to developmental regression, isolation, and failure to
return to work



Mental Health Nursing (NUR 2534) Quiz 1 Winter 2018

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