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Mental Status Assessment Health (NUR 3030)

James Moore
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Mental Status Assessment Nova Southeastern University Health Assessment (NUR 3030) Lauren Cabrera

Mental Status Assessment

◦Thought process
◦Thought content
◦Which of the following basic functions should the nurse test first in an
assessment of mental status?
1. Behavior
2. Consciousness
3. Judgment
4. Language
Developmental Competence
Aging adults
◦Older adulthood contains more potential for losses
◦Grief and despair surrounding these losses can affect mental status
and can result in disability, disorientation, or depression
◦Chronic diseases such as heart failure, cancer, diabetes, and
osteoporosis include fear of loss of life
Components of the Mental Status Examination
oFull mental status examination is a systematic check of emotional and
cognitive functioning
oUsually, mental status can be assessed in the context of the health history
oKeep in mind the four main headings of mental status assessment:
◦Thought processes
Contributions from Health History
oNote these factors from the health history that could affect
interpretation of findings


Mental Status Assessment Health (NUR 3030)

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