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Mgmt And Organizational Beh (BADM 310) SONA UIUC

Sandra Watson
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Frequently Asked Student Questions about SONA Experiment System(2) (1)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mgmt And Organizational Beh (BADM 310)

Frequently Asked Questions about Participating in the College of Business
Research Participation System
-Question: How do I register in the Course Credit Subject Pool so that I can participate in
experiments and earn credit for my course?

-Question: How do I sign up for studies?

-Question: What is the difference between registration and signing up for studies?

-Question: I tried to log in to the Psychology Course Credit Subject Pool system, but it says my
password isn’t valid. What should I do?

-Question: I want to change which course my study credit is assigned to. How can I do that?

-Question: I received a No-Show. What does that mean?

-Question: I missed a couple of studies, and now I can’t log into my account. What happened?

-Question: I am trying to log into my account, but it says that it has been disabled? What can I

-Question: How do I cancel my participation in a study?



Mgmt And Organizational Beh (BADM 310) SONA UIUC

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