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MMC 4200 Exam 1 Class Note

Sandra Watson
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University of Florida

Law Of Mass Communica (MMC 4200)

Supreme Court
○ Kennedy was usually the swing vote
June 27th 2018 -­‐ Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement of the US Supreme Court

-­ 9 justices are allowed on the Supreme Court
○ Next oldest justice: Steven Breyer
Oldest living Supreme Court Justice -­‐ Ruth Bater Ginsburg (85 yrs old) (Appointed by Bill Clinton)

Trump & the Supreme Court
○ Advice and consent = a bare majority, 51 to 49
Article 2 Section 2 of the US Constitution: “the President shall nominate and by with the advice and consent of the Senate shall appoint judges of the supreme court”

○ Trump has the ability to appoint 4 justices
President Trump has successfully nominated to the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh




MMC 4200 Exam 1 Class Note

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