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myPHSC Dual Enrolment - New Student Orientation

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myPHSC  Dual Enrolment – New Student Orientation


[Check all that apply] We recommend using these browsers while accessing your courses and this orientation:

There are eight modules in this orientation.

I can take the Final Comprehension Quiz as many times as needed.

I should change my default password to protect my account.

I can contact the myPHSC Helpdesk if I need assistance.

The passwords for myPHSC and the StudentMail will always be different.

[Check all that apply] Pasco-Hernando State College offers the following academic programs:

The College serves approximately how many students?

Pasco-Hernando State College opened its doors in 1982.

It is very important that I attend an institution that is regionally accredited.

I can take classes for any of the programs at all five campuses, as well as online.

The Police Academy is a restricted access program.

The Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch is in Hernando County.

Pasco-Hernando State College has five campuses.

[Check all that apply] The College offers Bachelor’s programs in the following areas:

Students can satisfy the civic literacy requirement through a variety of classes and/or exams.

I can take one year of French and one year of German in high school to meet the foreign language requirement.

I can declare into a Bachelor’s program when I apply to PHSC as a DE student

Student with a GPA of 2.0 or higher may select the Welding, Medical Administrative Specialist, Health Unit Coordinator, Dental Assistant, or Certified Nurse Assistant Programs. Some age restrictions may apply.

All public high school students can elect Collegiate High School at any point during the semester

DE students need a 3.0 GPA and test scores placing them into English Composition I and Intermediate Algebra (at a minimum).

Eligible Seniors of public, private and home schools can select the Early Admission program

It is important that I check my student email account regularly because all official correspondence from the College goes to this email!

I can change my program (major) on WISE.

After I submit paperwork to audit a course, I can no longer attend the class.

The dates for withdrawal/audit are listed in the academic calendar on the PHSC website.

I am responsible to check on WISE to ensure that my tuition and fees are paid by the payment deadline.

I am an independent because I live in my own apartment even though I am only 20 years old.

My financial aid is guaranteed because I have completed the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) online.

If I need to speak with an academic adviser, I can go to the Student Affairs Office at my campus.

Check all that apply] The college has several sports teams, including:

There are over a dozen sports in which I can participate.

I can talk to the Office of Student Accessibility Services if I need accommodations in my classes.

The college has career services available at all campuses.

Completion of the career assessment FOCUS2 is not required for all students.

If I am struggling with difficult problems or situations with school, this program is available to help me.

[Check all that apply] The College has the following services available to students:

Select the correct name for the College’s online learning environment:

[Check all that apply] In the Canvas environment, you can:

You can complete your courses and stay on task throughout the semester by:

[Select all that apply] If I need help in Canvas during the semester, I should:

I can submit a ticket in Canvas at any time if I experience technical issues with my courses.

True or False: After you declare your program of study, you are not allowed to change it.

Which of the following is NOT a way you can register for classes?

____________ is defined as the giving or taking of information or material with the purpose of wrongfully aiding oneself or another person in academic work that is to be considered in determining a grade.

True or False: You will never have a problem with your online assignments, so it’s OK to wait until the last minute to complete them.

The QuistaAlert system…

True or False: You can find a list of all of PHSC’s courses in the online Catalog.

When did the College officially open?

True or False: Activities and events on campus are open to the public and free of charge for PHSC students.

This service is free and offers online tutoring for all PHSC students 24/7.

You should set goals that are…

You can print an official transcript from WISE.

The first F in FAFSA means free.

True or false: Excellent communication (active listening, eye contact, thinking about what you say, being respectful, etc.) is not that big of a deal in the college environment, and is even less important online.

Which of the following is NOT used to prove Florida residency?

The PHSC College Catalog contains information on…

The number of times any student can attempt a college-level or college-preparatory course at PHSC is limited to ______.

If you are not a new student, you will need to have a _______ or higher GPA to be able to take advantage of online registration.

When did the College officially open?

There are ____ PHSC campuses in the Pasco/Hernando areas.

Supported by Google, this assigned, unique Gmail address serves as the primary student email address used for official College communications.

Withdrawing and auditing courses have some differences and similarities. Which of the following is something they have in common?

You can pay for your courses…

You are guaranteed to graduate from PHSC in 2 years.

When you create your BankMobile Disbursement account, which of the following options are available to you?

Match the department to the service they provide for students.

This type of student is enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester.

This program of study is a limited access program; there are specific entrance requirements and strict deadlines.

Who can you call if you need help, but you’re not sure who to contact for assistance?

On the WISE system, you can: (check all that apply)

Grades from previously attended colleges and universities do not affect your GPA.

The PHSC Campus Libraries offer which of the following services? Check all that apply.

You can update your contact information for QuistaAlerts using…

Who is the current President of PHSC?

The first week of classes in a semester is known as…

This type of PHSC degree is made up of 60 credit hours and is designed to transfer to other Florida colleges and/or universities.

True or False: It is your responsibility to drop any courses you don’t plan on attending.

Types of financial aid. Check all that apply.

Examples of academic dishonesty are…(check all that apply)

The ________ can help you in developing your educational path, as well as assist you with any questions you have about registering for courses and reviewing program requirements.




myPHSC Dual Enrolment - New Student Orientation

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