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Network Security (CMIT 320) Network Security Proposal Part 1

Sandra Watson
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June 2019 Network Security Proposal Part 1


University of Maryland Global Campus


Network Security (CMIT 320)

Network Security Proposal
Prepared for:
University of Maryland University College
Prepared by:
I. Analysis and Planning
A. Vulnerability Assessment
In an ever-changing world of cybercrimes, identity theft, networking intrusions, Securities
Company is being tasked to secure the entire University of Maryland University college
campus network, along with all of its surrounding structures as well, could be a very tedious
assignment. Especially knowing that it has to be safe, and secure enough, to protect not only
the personal information of faculty, and students, but the entire networking infrastructure as
well, from all possible intrusions. From possible interior threats, as well as exterior threats,
from within the country, and abroad. For this feat to be accomplished, one has to understand
all the possibilities of that system could be infiltrated. All of which would lead to a clear, and
precise knowledge of testing for vulnerabilities.
This can be completed with a vulnerability assessment.



Network Security (CMIT 320) Network Security Proposal Part 1

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