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Newborn Nursing (NUR 253) Maternal Ati Remediation

John Marsh
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Maternal ati remediation-rn vati maternal newborn 2016

  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Maternal/Newborn Nursing (NUR 253)

ATI remediation:
Practice A:
Establishing priorities:
 Follow protocol
 Airway, Breathing, Circulation
 Warm baby(dry off/put hat on) because of Cold stress
 Post circumcision—check for bleeding every 15 minutes
 Preterm- cardiac and respiratory support
Safety and Infection control:
Accident/error/injury prevention:
– Always compare mom/baby bracelets when returning/taking baby
– Slats on crib should be less than 2.5” apart
– Keep crib/bassinet away from window/blinds/drapes
– Have all visitors wash hands before touching the newborn
– Bracelet should be placed on baby immediately after birth on ankle and wrist,
include: name, sex, date, date of birth, mothers hospital number
Assessment and management of newborn complications 24 post procedure:
– Substance abuse: CNS increased wakefulness, high pitch constant crying,
hyperactive and increased Moro reflex, increased deep tendon reflexes,
increased muscle tone, convulsions
– Metabolic, vasomotor and respiratory findings- nasal congestion with flaring,
frequent yawning, skin mottling, tachypnea greater than 60/min, sweating,
temp greater than 37.2(99)
– Nursing care: do neonatal abstinence scoring system assessment, elicit and
assess reflexes, monitor ability to feed/digest, monitor fluids/electrolytes,
turgor, mucous membranes, fontanels and I/O,
– Phenobarbital (solfoton) anticonvulsant decreases CNS irritability/seizures for
alcohol/opiod addiction
– Swaddle to reduce self-stimulation, reduce external stimuli, small frequent
feedings of high calorie formula—possibly gavage
Ante/intra/postpartum and newborn care:
-Early: FHR gradual decrease in and return to baseline FHR typically indicates
compression of fetal head, it is a normal and benign find. Correspond to uterine
contractions in first stage.



Newborn Nursing (NUR 253) Maternal Ati Remediation

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