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(NRSE 2351) Excess Fluid Volume Nursing Diagnosis

Sandra Watson
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Care plan for excess fluid volume example


East Tennessee State University


Patient Centered Care Practicum (NRSE 2351)

Patient’s Initials:
Care Plan for Excess Fluid Volume example (NOT A REAL PERSON, FAKE PATIENT)
 Nursing Problem: 1+ edema in feet bilaterally, weight gain by 7 pounds within 2 weeks, poor
renal function, diabetes, gout, congestive heart failure, pneumonia
 Collaborative Problems: Dietician would also be helpful with the patient’s poor renal function,
as they can provide nutrition and dietary guidelines that would help that. Patient is a fall risk so
physical therapy will help regain strength and stability. Respiratory therapy can help the patient
with breathing mechanisms to prevent them from getting pneumonia again.
 Nursing Dx: Excess Fluid Volume
o (R/T): Renal insufficiency, compromised regulatory mechanism, congestive heart failure,
fluid retention (1+ edema)



 (NRSE 2351) Excess Fluid Volume Nursing Diagnosis

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