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NSG 120 Computing Essentials 2017 26 Ed By OLeary – Test Bank.DOCX

John Marsh
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Computing Essentials 2017 26 Ed by OLeary – Test Bank.docx

Strayer University

Fundamentals of nursing (NSG 120)

Describe a graphical user interface and the Ribbon GUI.
A user interface is the portion of the application that allows you to control and to interact with the
program. Almost all applications use a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays graphical elements
called icons to represent familiar objects. The mouse controls a pointer on the screen that is used to
select items such as icons. Another feature is the use of windows to display information. A window
is simply a rectangular area that can contain a document, program, or message. Many Microsoft and
other applications use an interface known as the Ribbon GUI to make it easier to find and use all the
features of an application, this GUI uses a system of ribbons, tabs, and galleries. Ribbons replace menus and toolbars by organizing commonly used commands into a set of tabs. These tabs display
command buttons that are the most relevant to the tasks being performed by the user. Galleries simplify the process of making a selection from a list of alternatives.
AACSB: Reflective Thinking
AACSB: Technology
Blooms: Understand
Difficulty: 2 Medium



NSG 120 Computing Essentials 2017 26 Ed By OLeary – Test Bank.DOCX

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