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NSG 252 Professional Philosophy Paper NSG 252 2019 Guidelines-2

John Marsh
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Professional Philosophy Paper NSG 252 2019 Guidelines-2

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Foundations In Nsg Practice (NSG 252)

Professional Philosophy Paper
Purpose of the Assignment
This paper provides the entering level nursing student an opportunity to define his/her
philosophy of nursing in the early phases of education and professionalization. In the spirit of life
long learning inherent to the practice of nursing , the student will also explore and describe
his/her goals for higher level nursing education.
1. This paper must be type- written, double spaced, and confirm to the style of the Publication of
the Psychological Association (APA Manual, 6th edition). The body of the paper with be
between 3-4 pages long.
2. THE PAPER IS DUE ON November 21, 2019. Late papers will have a
10 points deducted from the final grade for every 24 hours it is late or fraction thereof.
3. Review the grade sheet as a framework for composing your personal philosophy. Do not
answer in questions format. You are expected to expand upon each of the questions/prompts
in an exercise to discuss and better define your own thoughts about the profession you are



NSG 252 Professional Philosophy Paper NSG 252 2019 Guidelines-2

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