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NUR 3110 Research Questions, Hypotheses, And Clinical

John Marsh
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Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Clinical Questions

Villanova University

Research In Nursing (NUR 3110)

Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Clinical Questions
 What is a Research Question (Problem)?
o Presents the idea that is to be examined in the study and lays the foundation
for the study
o Clinically: Area of concern of a gap in our knowledge needed for practice
o Describes variables, specifies population to be studied, and examines testable
relationships among variables
 What is a hypothesis and how does it answer the question?
o Hypothesis attempts to answer the question
o Tests validity of theoretical framework assumptions
o Bridge theory and real world
 How to develop a research question
o Where to start:
 Practical experience, appraisal of literature (gaps), and untested theory
 Identify potential variables
 Sociodemographic:
o Race
o Education
 Health to practice:
o Tobacco use
o Exercise
 Formulate Question
 What is the relationship among maternal health practices,
maternal-fetal attachment, and adverse neonatal outcomes?
 What is the significant to nursing? To society?
o Will the answer to this question?
 Benefit patients, families, communities?
 Be theoretically relevant
 Provide support to policy change?
 Research Question should be feasible
o Time, money, man-power, availability of subjects, equipment, facilities, brainpower,
expertise, and ethical appropriateness
 The Final Product
o Questions should:
 Clearly identify variables that you’d like to explore
 Specify a population of interest
 Be empirically testable
o Research questions are used to guide all types of studies
 Most often in:
 Exploratory studies
 Descriptive studies



NUR 3110 Research Questions, Hypotheses, And Clinical

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