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(NUR 3180) Prioritization, Delegation, And Assignment

Sandra Watson
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Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment Decisions


Nova Southeastern University


Primary Concepts Of Adult Nursing (NUR 3180)

 Definitions
o Prioritization
 Deciding which needs or problems require immediate action and which
ones could tolerate a delay in response until a later time because they are
not urgent.
o Delegation
 Transferring to a competent individual the authority to perform a selected
nursing task in a selected situation. The nurse retains the accountability
for the delegation.
 Nursing actions to be performed by another person (ex. unlicensed
assistive personnel, UAP)
 Tasks that cannot be delegated (assessment, discharge, teaching,
o Assignment
 The distribution of work that each staff member is responsible for during a
given shift or work period.
 Four P’s of Prioritization
o Purpose
 What is the patient’s outcome for care?
o Picture
 What does the patient look like now/what will his outcome or result be?
o Plan
 What are the patient’s priorities?
o Part
 Who will participated in the patient’s care/what will they be responsible
o Framework for how RNs base decisions



(NUR 3180) Prioritization, Delegation, And Assignment

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