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NUR 371 Mental Remediation Ati Health I Online Practice 2013 B

John Marsh
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Indiana Wesleyan University

Mental Health Nursing (NUR 371)

Mental Remediation Ati Health I Online Practice 2013 B

Confidentiality/Information Security:
Related content:
– HIPPA protects patient’s privacy
Underlying principles:
– Understand federal and state laws as well has the healthcare facility employed at
regarding confidentiality
Nursing Interventions:
– Patient’s information can only be shared with other health care professionals who are
treating that patient
– If patient consents their information can be shared with specified others
Accident/Error/Injury Prevention:
Anger management:
Related Content:
– Underlying principles of anger and aggression may correlate to patient feeling
inadequate, insecure or personality and psychotic disorders.
Underlying Principles:
– Anger is acceptable, aggression is not
– Anger becomes negative when denied, suppressed or expressed inappropriately (such as
– Aggression includes physical or verbal responses that indicate rage and potential harm to
self, others or property
Nursing Interventions:
– Provide a safe environment for patient and staff
– Respond quickly, remain calm and in control, encourage patient to express feelings, allow
client as much personal space as possible
– Seclusion and restraints do not lead to positive behavior changes
– IM medications given if aggression is threatening and if no medications were previously given
Psychotic Disorders:
Alterations in health (diagnosis):
-Schizophrenia (multiple variations)
– Substance induced psychotic behavior
Pathophysiology related to patient problem:



NUR 371 Mental Remediation Ati Health I Online Practice 2013 B

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