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NUR3180 Med Surg 1 Final Exam Study Guide Nova Southeastern University

James Moore
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MED SURG 1 Final EXAM Study Guide

Primary Concepts Of Adult Nursing (NUR 3180)


> 3 months § Assist with copying, and importance about compliance of Tx. and lifestyles changes. • Delegation § DO NOT delegate to the LPN: assessment, teaching or evaluation § DO NOT delegate to the UAP: task requiring nursing judgement, medication administration, assessing, teaching, or evaluation • Prioritization – ABC, RACE Hematological Disorders • Anemias § S/S: low RBC and H/H, pallor (assess mucous membranes), fatigue (safety, risk for injury), hypoxia, decreased BP, increased PR (monitor VS) • Iron Deficiency Anemia § Microcytic, hypochromic § Results from decreased dietary intake of iron in the diet – food sources high in iron: organ meats (beef, liver), beans, leafy green vegetables, raisins and molasses § Most common causes: bleeding from ulcers, gastritis, IBD; menorrhagia in premenopausal women, and inadequate iron supplement in pregnancy § Smooth sore (inflamed) tongue, brittle nails and angular cheilosis § Iron Supplements o Tell the pt. taking iron supplements that is normal for the stool to be dark color, but not black tarry o Side effects: constipation, N/V o Important to take with vitamin C (orange juice) to enhance absorption, but not with milk or antacids (decrease absorption) o Take an hour before meals, because it is best absorbed in an empty stomach o Iron supplements (liquid preparations) – mix it, use a straw, stain teeth • Vitamin B12 § Megaloblastic Anemia – RBCs abnormally large § Least common cause: inadequate dietary intake – occurs in strict vegetarian – Increase oral supplements with vitamin or fortified soy milk § Most common cause: Absence of intrinsic factor after bariatric surgery or gastrectomy à Pernicious Anemia § Smooth, sore, red tongue – include assessment of the tongue, confused, paresthesia, loss of proprioception (unsteady gait) – risk for injury, careful neurologic assessment, lastly jaundice is present § Vitamin B12 injections – monthly, IM, lifelong


NUR3180 Med Surg 1 Final Exam Study Guide Nova Southeastern University

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