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(NUR3535) Theory-ATI-CAD Adult Health

John Marsh
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Theory-ATI-CAD – A system disorder sheet focused on risk factors, s/s, nursing treatment/care,

  • UniversityConcordia University Texas
  • CourseAdult Health I Theory (NUR3535)

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
Description: Coronary arteries that deliver constant supply of blood to heart muscles start to develop FATTY
PLAQUES which lead to constriction of blood flow to the heart. Fatty plaques are caused by a condition called
ATHEROSCLEROSIS (buildup of fats, cholesterol and other substances that occurs in the artery walls and
happens overtime.
Risk Factors: Smoking, Obese/Overweight, High cholesterol,
Sedentary lifestyle, Diabetes, and Family history
Non-Modifiable: increasing age, gender (more common in white
men than in AA), genetics or family hx
Modifiable: elevated BP, tobacco use, physical inactivity, obesity,
diabetes, metabolic syndrome, psychological states (stress), elevated
homocysteine level, and elevated
Serum lipids: (Do we need to know this?)
– Total cholesterol >200 mg/dL
– Triglycerides >150 mg/L
– LDL cholesterol >160 mg/dL
– HDL cholesterol <40 mg/dL in men or <50 mg/dL in women



 (NUR3535) Theory-ATI-CAD Adult Health

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