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NURS 115 Review Exam III

John Marsh
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Exam3 – Summary Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care

Nurs (115)

NURS 115
Review Exam III
Total 50 questions Maximum time allowed: 60 minutes
Musculoskeletal (24 total questions) (2 questions are “Select all that apply”)
Diagnostic Tests
o Myelography
o Involves the injection of contrast medium into the subarachnoid space of the
spine, usually by spinal puncture. The vertebral column, intervertebral disks,
spinal nerve roots, and blood vessels can be visualized.
o Although this test is still performed, CT and MRI have often replaced such
invasive and potentially painful and risky diagnostic techniques
o The post test care is similar to that for lumbar puncture, except the pt is
usually placed with the head of the bed elevated 30-50 degrees to prevent the
contrast medium from getting into the brain
o risk factors for osteoarthritis
o primary OA: caused by aging and genetic factors
 weight bearing joints (hips and knees), the vertebral column and
the hands are most commonly affected
o secondary OA: occurs less often than primary disease, and results from
joint injury and obesity
 injury to joints from excessive use, trauma or other joint disease
 Heavy manual occupations (i.e. carpet laying, construction,
 Risk for hip and knee OA is increased in professional athletes,
especially football players, runners, and gymnasts
 Certain metabolic diseases (i.e. diabetes, Paget’s disease of the
bone) and blood disorders (i.e. hemophilia, sickle cell disease) can
also cause joint degeneration
 Obesity is a common contributing factor for OA
 Weight bearing joints (hips and knees) most affected in
obese people
o Health promotion/illness prevention and pain management (nonsurgical
 resting the affected joint
 drug therapy
o acetaminophen (Tylenol, atasol) as the primary drug of choice because
OA is not a primary anti-inflammatory disorder
o topical drug applications; lidocaine patch, topical salicylates (aspercreme,
ben-gay, etc.)
 teach the patient to apply the patch on clean, intact skin for 12
hours each day
 up to 3 patches may be applied to painful joints at one time
 remind him or her that Lidoderm can cause skin irritation



Nurs (115) Exam3 Patient-Centered Collaborative Care

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