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(NURS 1351) Nursing Inquiry Evidence Based Practicve

John Marsh
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1351 Week 2 Evidence Based Practicve PDF

  • UniversityLakehead University
  • CourseNursing Inquiry (NURS 1351)

Chapter 20 Developing An evidence informed evidence- informed practice
Learning Outcomes
Differentiate among of conduct of nursing research, research utilization, and evidence informed
• Describe the steps of evidence informed practice
• Identify three barriers to evidence informed practice and strategies to address each barrier
• List three sources for finding evidence
• Describe strategies for implementing evidence informed practice changes
• Identify steps for evaluating an evidence informed change in practice
• Research findings and other forms of evidence to improve the quality of care
Evidence informed practice
is the conscientious and judicious use of current best evidence in conjunction with clinical
expertise and patient values to guide health care decisions.
it is important to differentiate between the terms evidence-based practice and evidenceinformed practice. Evidence-informed practice extends beyond the early definitions of
evidence-based practice. Many of the models explored in this chapter refer to evidence-based
practice, in as much as they were developed before the use of the term evidence-informed
practice. The models are still valid and help guide professionals toward actualizing research into
best practices. Best evidence includes empirical evidence from systematic reviews, from
randomized controlled trials, and from other scientific methods such as descriptive and
qualitative research, as well as information from case reports, scientific principles, and expert
Evidence based practice
An evidence-based practice (EBP) is any practice that relies on scientific evidence
for guidance and decision-making. Practices that are not evidence-based may rely on
tradition, intuition, or other unproven methods


(NURS 1351) Nursing Inquiry Evidence Based Practicve

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