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ATI Priority Setting Frameworks PDF Download

Sandra Watson
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ATI Nurse Logic- Priority Setting Frameworks


  • UniversityTowson University
  • CourseNurs & Healthcare I: Foundations [Lec] (NURS 356)

ATI Nurse Logic: Priority Setting Frameworks I. Priority Setting Frameworks a. Using nursing judgment to make decisions about the order of nursing actions b. Seven Priority Setting Frameworks i. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs ii. The Nursing Process iii. Airway, Breathing, Circulation iv. Safety and Risk Reduction v. Least-restrictive least invasive vi. Survival Potential vii. Acute VS Chronic viii. Urgent vs Non-Urgent ix. Unstable VS Stable Findings c. Questions that should be asked i. What client should I see first? The most important assessment findings? Interventions now and can be done later? Proper sequence of steps to perform procedure? What can I delegate?


  (NURS 356) ATI Priority Setting Frameworks

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