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(NURS 3561) M Hughes v Simm Student Assignment

Sandra Watson
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M Hughes v Simm Student Assignment-a&ox4


The University of Texas at Arlington



Complete the pretest, vSimm and post-test on Marilyn Hughes. You must make a
100% on both the pre & post tests and a 95% on the vSimm. Once complete, save an
image showing your name and score on the vSimm and post test and answer the
following questions in your own words. Cite reference sources at the end of the
document. The instructors will be monitoring and are available for questions
throughout the clinical day .
Surgical Case 1: Marilyn Hughes
Documentation Assignment
1. Document the comprehensive pain assessment findings from your initial pain assessment.

2. Document the neurovascular and peripheral vascular assessment findings from your
assessment that caused you to have concern for this patient.

3. Document the pre and post intervention vital signs. What changes did you note? Why do
you think they changed?

4. List the 2 top priority nursing concerns with supporting evidence.

5. Provide a list of appropriate nursing interventions you could do to address your priority

Guided Reflection Questions
1. How did this scenario make you feel?

2. What does the acronym PRICE stand for as it applies to the management of a traumatic
musculoskeletal injury? List appropriate interventions for each letter in the acronym.

3. What are the main 6 clinical signs & symptoms associated with fractures? Describe each.

4. What are the 5 early “acute” complications associated with fractures? What are the 5 Ps
associated with compartment syndrome? What are the 6 major complications of delaying
treatment for compartment syndrome?

5. What key elements would you include in the handoff report for this patient? Write a SBAR
(situation, background, assessment, recommendation) format shift change report you will
be giving to the nurse that is going to assume care from you at the end of the scenario.



NURSING OF ADULTS (NURS 3561) M Hughes v Simm Student Assignment

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