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NURS 5683 ATI Maternal Newborn Remediation Notes

Sandra Watson
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Texas Woman’s University

Nurse Preceptorship I (NURS 5683)

Zahra Mohammed ATI Maternal Newborn & Women’s Health Remediation
A nurse is providing community education regarding risk factors for ovarian cancer. Identify five (5)
risk factors associated with the development of ovarian cancer. (Review the Med Surg RM)
1. Age greater than 40 years
2. Nulliparity or first pregnancy after 30 years of age
3. Family hx of ovarian, breast, or genetic mutation for hereditary nonpolyposis colon
cancer (HNPCC)
4. BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutations
5. Diabetes mellitus
6. Early menarche/late menopause
7. Hx of dysmenorrhea or heavy bleeding
8. Endometriosis
9. High fat diet (possible risk)
10. Hormone replacement therapy
11. Use of infertility medications
12.Older adult clients following surgery for cancer
A pregnant client has a history of giving birth to one set of twin boys, one term girl and 2 early
spontaneous abortions. What is her gravida and para?



NURS 5683 ATI Maternal Newborn Remediation Notes

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