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(NURS 8410 ) Nursing Specialties PICO Statement

John Marsh
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PICO Statement Nursing Essay

  • UniversityWalden University
  • Course Best Practices In Nursing Specialties (NURS 8410 )

PICO Statement: Client repositioning for pressure ulcer management for the 3-month
Pressure ulcers delineate localized injuries that take place because of unrelieved strain to
the skin and tissues beneath. Both intrinsic and extrinsic variables exist for bed sore
development. External variables include unrelieved pressure (as a result of immobility), the
existence of moisture in the skin, and shear forces as a sliding effect. Internal risk elements
included diminished malnutrition and reduced sensory perception. The ulcers are traditionally
situated in bony regions such as the sacrum, lateral malleoli, greater trochanters, heels, ischial,
and tuberosities (Behrendt et al., 2014).
Nearly 72% of pressure ulcers take place in people with 65 years and beyond, and they
are evident in between 10% to 23% of patients in nursing homes and between 6% and 31% of
hospitalized patients (McInnes et al., 2012).




 (NURS 8410 ) Nursing Specialties PICO Statement

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