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Fatime Sanogo Vsim Documentation Assignments

John Marsh
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Maternity Case 10: Fatime Sanogo (Complex)

Documentation Assignments

1. Document your initial assessment data for Ms. Sanogo, including vital signs, fundal assessment (consistency, position, location), lochia assessment (amount, color, odor, consistency), and pain (location, quality, severity).

2. Write the situation-background-assessment-recommendation (SBAR) communications you would use to update the provider on Ms. Sanogo’s status after your first encounter with her.

3. Document the medication(s) you administered to Ms. Sanogo and evaluate each drug’s effectiveness.

4. Document the sequence of events during the simulation (i.e., vital signs, assessment findings, blood loss, nursing interventions, and patient response).

5. Ms. Sanogo is going to be taken back to labor and delivery for a manual examination. Write the transfer note.




Nursing Block 3 (NUR 452) Maternity Case 10 Fatime Sanogo Complex DA

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