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Nursing Care (NURS 356) Annotated bibliography

John Marsh
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University of Arizona

Foundations In Nursing Care (NURS 356)

Annotated bibliography

lantus nursing implications

Amputation with Diabetes
Below the Knee Amputation with Diabetes Mellitus Type II
1. American Diabetes Association. Complications. (2018). Retrieved from
The American Diabetes Association website has valuable information for complications
of diabetes. One of them being foot complications which can range from neuropathy to
amputations and everything in between. They stress the critical nature of most health issues or
problems that occur when a patient has Diabetes. The website is written in collaboration with
medical professionals. There is no bias in the information provided because the information is
written collaboratively with doctors and. medical professionals from many different hospitals
and specialties. This source is well written and concise, the information provided is written by
medical providers who specialize in the information being provided. There are minor grammar
errors and the information is backed by evidence that has been researched and proven. It is
factual and written at a level understood by its intended audience. The intended audience are
those with Diabetes Mellitus or those with loved ones who have the disease who are not in the
medical profession. They also have a section that is written for medical providers with verbiage
that is intended for those with a medical background. This website is patient-centered. The
nursing implications for this source are to educate the patients self-care to improve their health
and decrease the incidence of amputations. The Diabetes Association details all the necessary
steps patients should follow to maintain their health and improve the quality of life and the
ability to provide care for self with activities of daily living.



Nursing Care (NURS 356) Annotated bibliography

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