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Nursing Care Of Children (NUR 257) Peds ATI Remediation

John Marsh
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Peds ATI remediation-submersion injury ati

  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Nursing Care of Children (NUR 257)

Peds ATI remediation:
Accident/Error/Injury Prevention:
Health promotion of toddlers: injury prevention:
— Aspiration: Avoid small objects (grapes/coins/candy)
— Check clothing for lose buttons
— No balloons
— Bodily Harm: no sharp objects, teach stranger danger, don’t leave alone with
–Burns: check bath water temp, thermostats should be turned down, pot handles
turned in
–Drowning, don’t leave alone in bathtubs, keep toilet closed, teach toddler to swim
–Falls: lock windows/doors locked, use safety gates, crib mattress lowest position rails
— MVA, always in the backseat, rear face until 20lbs, ff back seat, remain in car seat
until 4yrs old or 40 lbs
— Poisoning, no lead paint, put poison control number in phone, co2 monitor in home
–Suffocation: no plastic bags, crib mattresses should fit tightly, slats no father then
2.4in/6cm apart, no pillows, remove drawstrings from jackets
Seizures: risk factors
–Genetic predispositions
— acute febrile state, esp in infants and children under 2
— Head trauma/brain tumor
–Cerebral edema
–abrupt cessation of antielleptic meds
— Hypoxia
–Acute drug/alcohol withdrawl
–Fluid electrolyte imbalances
Triggers: increased physical activity, excessive stress, overwhelming fatigue, acute
alcohol ingestion, exposure to flashing light, specific substances (alcohol, caffeine,
cocaine, aerosols glue)
Tonic-clonic seizure—may begin with an aura, 10-20 sec tonic episode (stiffening of
muscles) and loss of consciousness, 1-2 min clonic episode (rhythmic jerking),
breathing may stop in tonic phase
Myoclonic seizure: brief jerking/stiffening of the extremities, systemic/asymmetric
Atonic/akinetic: muscle tone is lost for a few seconds, followed by period of confusion
Patial (focal/local) :
Complex partial: associated automatisms (behavior that the child is unaware of ie lip
smacking/picking at clothes) loss of consciousness lasts several minutes, amnesia may
occur immediately prior/after
Simple partial: consciousness is maintained, seizure activity—unusual sensations,
sense of déjà vu, autonomic abnormalities (changes in hr, flushing, unilateral
abnormal extremity movements, pain, offensive smell)
Unclassified(idiopathic) :account for ½ of seizures occur for no known reason



Nursing Care Of Children (NUR 257) Peds ATI Remediation

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