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Nursing Care Of Parents (NURS 3550 ) Newborn Careplan OB

John Marsh
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Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

 Nursing Care of Parents/newborns (NURS 3550 )

Newborn Careplan OB

List ALL the nursing diagnoses appropriate to this patient. What are the 2 top
nursing diagnoses for this patient? Provide rationale below for why you’ve
prioritized them in this way.
Risk for infection related to neonatal immune system, Risk for impaired skin integrity related to external
conditions, Risk for imbalanced nutrition less than body requirements related to expected weight loss, Risk for
ineffective breastfeeding related to unsustained latch, Risk for imbalanced body temperature related to immature
temperature regulation, these are the potential nursing diagnoses for the newborn patient I have been completing
this care plan on. I believe that my top 2 nursing diagnoses for this patient would be Risk for infection related to
neonatal immune system and Risk for imbalanced nutrition less than body requirements related to expected
weight loss . I would prioritize the risk for infection first due to the newborn’s first exposure to the outside world
and all of the potential infections that the baby can contract because it’s immune system will continue to become
stronger through passive immunity (mother’s breast milk) as well as active immunity (vaccines). Even though the
newborn is healthy, they could still be at risk for infection because they may come in contact with certain
infections whether it be from other people or if the umbilical cord gets contaminated with urine or fecal matter if
there is poor cord care. I chose to prioritize the risk for imbalanced nutrition less than body requirements related
to expected weight loss because the newborn’s mother wishes to feed the baby via breastfeeding. I know that
there can be issues with the baby potentially not getting enough milk, or not having good suction to the nipple can
affect how well the baby feeds. Since newborns lose about 10% of their birth weight during the first few days of
life, this could be a potential issue if the baby is normally supposed to double its weight by five months and then
triple it by a year of life.
Self Reflection
Use the space below to reflect on your newborn experience – what
were your strengths/weaknesses? Were there any challenges with
therapeutic communication? Difficult family situations? Skills or
teaching you were uncomfortable with?
I had an incredible experience being in the nursery with the newborns. I was lucky enough to be able to assess a
baby that was just born at 0753 the morning I was there on the unit. I found myself hesitant to pick up the babies
at the beginning of the shift because I was afraid I would hurt them. One of the nurses in the unit reassured me
that the babies “would not break”, and I quickly became more comfortable with taking their vitals (despite their
crying) as well as assessing the babies. I noticed that the newborns were most comfortable when they were
swaddled. I had a difficult time wrapping them up as neat and tight as the nurses during the beginning of the shift,
but by the end of it, we were wrapping them up like pros. I don’t believe there were any challenges with
therapeutic communication with the newborns. They were quite easy to sooth with soft words and being held if
they were crying. I quite enjoyed feeding the newborns, and that was a skill that was new to me as well. I new that
they had to be burped, but I wasn’t quite sure how to position them the first time I fed a newborn. I believe at the
end of the day I was more comfortable with the newborns and the type of care they needed from us. I really
enjoyed my time in the nursery and honestly would love to be placed back there sometime during this rotation if



Nursing Care Of Parents (NURS 3550 ) Newborn Careplan OB

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