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Nursing Concepts(NURS 303) Pancreatitis Ch 43 - Lecture Notes Ch 43

John Marsh
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California State University Chico

Nursing Concepts for Acute Care (NURS 303)

Pancreatitis ch 43 – Lecture notes Ch 43

Ch 43 Pancreatitis and disorders of the biliary tract
I. Pancreas functions
a. endocrine secretes hormones that regulate blood sugar
i. insulin (decreases BG)
ii. glucagon (increases BG)
b. exocrine secretes enzymes to break down food in digestive system
i. amylase
ii. protease
iii. lipase
II. Acute pancreatitis: sudden inflammation of the pancreas
a. mild
i. edematous or interstitial
b. severe
i. necrosis, endocrine and exocrine dysfunction
ii. organ failure, sepsis
c. enzymes that break down food activated before they leave the pancreas,
attack and digest pancreatic tissue>auto-digestion
d. activation of trypsin within pancreas leads to bleeding
i. trypsin breaks down protein
e. causes
i. heavy alcohol use (mostly with men)
ii. biliary tract disease (women)
iii. gallstones (block common bile duct and pancreatic duct)
iv. abdominal trauma, medications, infections, tumors, genetics,
high triglyceride levels, high calcium levels, viral infection
f. sx: sudden, intense pain in center of upper abdomen
i. pain can radiate to back, can be L or R
ii. N/V, fever
iii. elevated WBCs
iv. hypotension, tachycardia, jaundice
g. complications



Nursing Concepts(NURS 303) Pancreatitis Ch 43 - Lecture Notes Ch 43

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