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Nursing Dimensions (NUR 254) 39155213-Gastrointestinal-Quiz-Answers

James Moore
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Nursing Dimensions (NUR 254) 39155213-Gastrointestinal-Quiz-Answers Northern Virginia Community College

Gastrointestinal Questions
1. An adult who has cholecystitis reports clay colored stools and
moderate jaundice. Which is the best explanation for the presence
of clay colored stools and jaundice?
1. There is an obstruction in the pancreatic duct.
2. There are gallstones in the gallbladder.
3. Bile is no longer produced by the gallbladder.
4. There is an obstruction in the common bile duct.
2. Atropine 0.5 mg is ordered for a client having an acute attack of
cholecystitis. What is the primary purpose of this drug for this
client? To
1. decrease skeletal muscle spasms.
2. increase gastrointestinal peristalsis
3. decrease smooth muscle contractions
4. decrease anxiety
3. Following a cholecystectomy, drainage form the T tube for the
first 24 hours postoperative was 350 cc. Proper nursing action in
response to this should be to
1. notify the physician .
2. raise the level of the drainage bag to decrease rate of flow.
3. increase the IV flow rate to compensate for the loss.
4. continue to observe and measure drainage.
4. An adult male is admitted to the hospital complaining of burning
epigastric pain. He reports to the nurse that he has gained 14
pounds over the last two months. Which nursing response is best?
1. “Why were you eating more?”
2. “Has the weight gain been intentional?”
3. “Does your weight usually fluctuate this much?”
4. “How did your eating habits change?”
5. An adult male client is admitted with a diagnosis of probable
duodenal ulcer. Which of the following laboratory tests would it be
most essential for the nurse to assess immediately?
1. Hemoglobin and Hematocrit
2. SGPT and SGOT
3. Na and K
4. BUN and creatinine
6. An adult client is to have a gastroduodenoscopy in the morning.
The nurse’s instructions should include the information that he will
1. given a general anesthetic during the procedure.
2. given a local anesthetic to ease the discomfort during the
3. asked to assist by coughing during the procedure.
4. asked to assist by performing a Valsalva maneuver during the
7. Which nursing intervention is essential immediately following a
1. Force fluids.
2. Position him supine.
3. Instruct him not to eat or drink.
4. Encourage coughing and deep breathing.
8. Because a client has a nasogastric tube attached to intermittent
drainage the nurse should be particularly alert for the development
of which complication?
1. Hypocalcemia.
2. Hypermagnesemia.
3. Hypokalemia.
4. Hypoglycemia.
9. A barium enema is ordered for an adult male client. The nurse is
teaching him what to expect regarding the procedure. Which
statement should be included in the teaching?
1. Fecal matter must be cleansed from the bowel for good
2. There will be no food restrictions before the test.
3. He will not have to change positions during the procedure.
4. He will be asked to drink barium during the procedure.


Nursing Dimensions (NUR 254) 39155213-Gastrointestinal-Quiz-Answers

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