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Nursing Education (C922) WGU MKT1 Marketing Plan1

John Marsh
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WGU MKT1 Marketing Plan1

Western Governors University

Emerging Trends and Challenges in 21st Century Nursing Education (C922)

Enterprise G
3-Year Marketing Approach
Business G is definitely proud to announce the release of our extremely anticipated, impressive search program
for clever phones- Insta-Search. Insta-Search enables consumers to conveniently acquire information
about plant life, animals and insects simply by using their brilliant phone’s camera. The application permits
users to look at a picture with the phone, and use the photo within “Insta-Search” to instantly view information
regarding the item that they searched which include but not restricted to species, natural environment,
traits, diet plan and side effects.
Mission Affirmation
“We permit consumers to boost the quality and convenience of the lives by giving innovative technology solutions.

The Product
Insta-Search is basically the reversed means of finding info on a specific types of plant, four-legged friend, or
pest. Our program allows the user to search for information to get a species in Mother Nature, not knowing
what that species is definitely. The technology used analyzes thousands of details within a digital picture to
determine what the types is within that picture.
Insta-Search provides a basic way for customers to learn more about their very own surroundings. This
could enhance every-day life, or perhaps save someone’s life. Customers no longer need to be with a specialist
to determine what species they have encountered. The technology searches millions of directories to
find the most current information available about any plant, animal, or insect. Our customers will be
pleased with the simplicity of the application and the variety of uses.
Consumer Product Classification
The task instruction is: Sort out Company G’s products making use of the three-way buyer product category
system. Make sure you refer to the recommended textual content for information within this. See index
topic: “consumer products, category of. ” Please likewise check the learning community for the blog or perhaps
discussion within this topic. Just before completing it, it is recommended that you complete the Marketing
System Worksheet, which can be linked to the training. Ask the course instructor for it allow me to
explain already have this.
Target Market
The job instruction is: Describe the target market for the company’s products. This would include demographic
information, psychographic information and any other characteristics that help to describe the
group. It needs to be a specific group of customers. Sometimes using stereotype images can help to describe
a group, such as the “soccer mom. ”
Before proceeding along with the next section (objectives), we recommend that you accomplish the Advertising
Plan Worksheet. Ask the course instructor in the learning community just for this if you do not own it.
Competitive Condition Analysis
Research of Competition using Porter’s 5 Aids Model
The job instruction can be: Analyze Firm G’s competitive environment making use of Porter’s Five Forces
Type of competitive aids. While titles below may provide some guidance for how to organize the paper,
please refer to the recommended text, the learning community, and recommended web sites. As you will
see from the reading, Porter’s 5-forces is a way to examine threats to a company’s success – which was
competition imposes.
Competitive Rivalry As you study the model, you will see that the rivalry is a component that each the competition
and the threats centers around. Make sure you describe this kind of for Firm G.
Menace from Fresh Entrants Whenever you discover what this can be, discuss the possible menace from
businesses entering industry. Also consider the way the Internet has an effect on this.



 Nursing Education (C922) WGU MKT1 Marketing Plan1

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