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Behavioral Health Nursing (N292) 420AA meeting Form - Aa Paperwork

John Marsh
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Long Island University

Behavioral Health Nursing (N292)

420.AA meeting form – aa paperwork

N420.Alcoholics’ Anonymous Journal Guide
THIS assignment is submitted to your lecture faculty
Each student will attend an AA meeting: Each student will need to submit the following from the
1) Signed verification and date of attendance by the leader of the meeting (see form below)
2) Attach a brochure from the meeting about AA
3) Provide a write up about the meeting (refer to the posted template below).
Attend an open meeting. Be honest about being a nursing student attending to learn more about
community resources.
1. Submit 1.5 to 2 page paper typed in paragraph form.
2. Get the AA leader to sign the attached form indicating the name, location and time of the
meeting you attend.
3. Attach a copy of a brochure that are available at the meeting.
4. Briefly describe your experience at an open AA meeting, including the following points:
Name, time, location of the meeting
First impressions
Who did you attend the meeting with (if anyone)?



Behavioral Health Nursing (N292) 420AA meeting Form - Aa Paperwork

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